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Webinar - Solution Focused Conversations with people considering suicide

David recently had the privilege of chatting to some pretty big names in suicide prevention.

Last week David had the pleasure of talking to Heather Fiske (Canada), Emma Burns (New Zealand) and Michael Durrant (Sydney) about the use of solution focused approaches with people who are experiencing thoughts of suicide. You can watch a recording of the conversation via Michael's website.

David is planning to do more workshops and presentations with Emma in the near future including:

* 10 September - an webinar with Emma and Tim Wand (Sydney) discussing the use of Solution Focused Approaches in suicide prevention "Conversations that create hope"

* 12 September - an online workshop for a conference in Mexico on the use of the Solution Focused approach when helping someone who is having thoughts of suicide

* 23 September - a presentation for Grow NZ on having helpful conversations using SFBT

* 28 October - a workshop for the Veteran Wellbeing Summit "Having helpful conversations using a solution focus: it’s not just for the ‘psychs’ – how can we all use the SF approach to help people move towards a better place?"

On top of this, David will be running some SFBT workshops in Adelaide and Port Lincoln. Please have a look at the training page for more details.

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