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Who we work with: We help organisations & individuals who want to do things better

We work with anyone who wants to find a better way of doing things, from large corporations, to small business, and individuals. You could be an executive, a manager, an employee, a team, a clinician, an athlete, or an individual who just wants something to be better. You don’t need an illness, you just need something that you want to change, but don’t know how to change it.

Large corporations, small business and other organisations — We help leaders, managers and executives to become better leaders and we assist employees to find better ways of doing things. We help teams to grow together and move in the one direction. More broadly, we teach solution focused techniques that organisations can employ. We can also provide education and workshops about any aspect of mental health and mental illness depending on your requirements, including SFBT, suicide awareness/prevention or anything to do with mental health. 

Sporting teams and individual athletes — In the sporting arena you could consider our work as ‘coaching for you brain, your heart, and your soul’. You may be a great athlete but you need to be mentally stronger, or you may need more motivation. You may be a team that needs to work better together. Or you may be a coach who wants to get more out of your athletes. Our approach is the same – by working with your strengths we will eliminate your weaknesses and build a better way together.

“Session pace was great. Very informative & felt that I learnt lots. Feel the content was very thorough & makes me feel I could easily start using this with clients I see.”

Individuals — We help people to do things better. You may have a specific illness, disorder or problem that you need help with. You may be “stuck” in a rut, or you simply need to look at something in a new and fresh way. We will do counselling, coaching, and clinical supervision.

Megan, Social Worker, SALHN Complex Care Team

“David is a leader in teaching and promoting SFBT in South Australia. He has built a Solution- Focused community of practice of over 100 clinicians in just over 1 year and has been recognised by his professional peers for his Solution-Focused work in front-line, acute mental health work. I am proud to endorse David as a colleague and welcome him as an Associate of the Brief Therapy Institute of Sydney.”

Michael Durrant, Director, Brief Therapy Institute of Sydney - Academic Associate, Faculty of Education & Social Work, University of Sydney - Former President, Australasian Association for Solution-Focused Brief Therapy - Former Editor, Journal of Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

“David has provided a series of workshops to MIFSA and offers follow-up support through the S.A. SFBT Community of Practice. The practical tools and theoretical underpinning of SFBT fits MIFSA's approach, program guidelines and recovery model. David helps strengthen workers' capacity and helps to 'give permission' to workers to focus on solutions rather than the problem(s). Following David’s workshops, workers have been inspired to continue their development in SFBT and hope to have David provide follow-up sessions to grow this in MIFSA as it fits our culture and best practice.”

Tracy Moore, Team Leader, Mental Illness Fellowship of South Australia

“If it works do more of it; if what you do does not work, do something different”

– Steve de Shazer

What our clients and colleagues say about their experience working with us

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