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David Hains — Director
Registered Nurse

I am not your "normal" counsellor. After 20 years working in emergency departments I have seen just about everything. I've seen good people at their worst. My job was (and still is) to get people moving in the right direction ASAP.

In 2022 Left Turn has expanded its service to include 1:1 sessions for coaching, counselling, mentoring, clinical supervision, general advice, or small-group teaching. Sessions are available at Hallett Cove (SA), online (via Zoom), or at a mutually convenient location. Some session times will be made available via our online booking system, or you can contact us to request a convenient time. 

Left Turn is unique in that we will not:

  • Need a referral (you can come when you need it)

  • Do assessments, rating scales, or analysis (you already know what the problem is, now you are looking for solutions!)

  • Pathologise or give you a diagnosis (not necessary in order to find a solution)

  • Lock you in for long-term "treatment"

  • Act like an "all-knowing expert" and start telling you my opinion on what you should do

  • Use words like; resilience, mindfulness, wellness, yoga, illness, etc, and I won't talk in "psychobabble"

  • Put you on a lengthy waiting list

My aim is to help without leaving my footprints on your journey. I will use Solution Focused Brief Therapy combined with a 'single session framework' and ideally help you in just 1-2 sessions (you can come more than this, but I am going to try and give you the tools then make myself obsolete as soon as I can).

If you want to arrange a 1:1 appointment then you can either:

Instead, what we will do is:

  • Help you to find YOUR solutions (a "person-centred approach")

  • Help you to find your own strengths, and build your own capacities

  • See you as soon as possible (usually within days)

  • Plan for the least amount of sessions possible

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