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More SF training dates in 2023

Announcing 3 more workshops in Adelaide:

After a fantastic week in Brisbane at the 2023 Australasian Solution Focused Conference (see pic) we are back and fired up for a busy second half of the year. So in order to share our enthusiasm (and to make the year even busier) we have announced 3 new workshops in Adelaide: SF1 (Introduction), SF2 (Intermediate), and SF3 (advanced).

This year we have a new special deal: attend one workshop for $200, 2 workshops for $350, and all 3 workshops for $500. Please go to our Training Page for more details and to book.

David and Emma Burns (as The Possibilities Lab) have also been busy planning out the rest of 2023 with online sessions being prepared for Dementia Australia and Grow NZ.

If you would like us to deliver a workshop for your team/organisation (either through David at Left Turn, or David & Emma at The Possibilities Lab) then please contact us.

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