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The Muppets on Tour

With borders now open, The Possibilities Lab will soon be on tour in New Zealand and Australia.

The Possibilities Lab is the partnership between Emma Burns (N.Z.) and David Hains.

Emma and I co-presented for the first time at the 2019 ASFA Conference in Christchurch, hosting a 2 hour workshop on suicide prevention. It seemed to go really well, so we wanted to do more. Since then we have co-facilitated SFBT workshops online in Mexico, UK, New Zealand, and Australia but we haven't been able to travel due to COVID and border closures.

We are excited to say that we have now booked face to face workshops in Te Awamutu N.Z. in July, and in Murray Bridge and Adelaide in August, along with the possibility of another Federal Government Organisation (TBC). Flights are booked, and workshops are being developed.

In N.Z. we are running a 2 day workshop to Kāinga Ora, a national government organisation who provides tenancy services to about 187,000 public housing tenants and maintains and develops around 65,000 public houses. Kāinga Ora means "wellbeing through places and communities", and they are focused on prioritising tenants’ wellbeing and not just providing housing. Kāinga Ora have already sent several of their staff to our workshops that are run through Grow N.Z. and now want a whole of service approach to wellbeing across the Waikato Region.

In Australia we are running a 2 day workshop to approximately 50 staff from the youth and adult mental health teams in the Murray Mallee General Practice Network. MMGPN just happen to be my employer (headspace Victor Harbor) and I am looking forward to sharing my SF-enthusiasm to my colleagues across all teams.

These bespoke workshops will be developed to the specific requirements of the organisations that are hosting us. We make no apologies that they will be predominately SFBT, but we will also add a variety of information, resources, and examples from our many years working in the mental health arena.

Emma and I are really looking forward to running training together in the same room!

In the future we would love to have more opportunities to co-host training. Please contact us to discuss your training needs, and let us work with you to develop and provide the highest quality workshops for you and your team.

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