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Single Session Therapy Conference

It's been 2 very late nights, attending the SST Conference in Italy.

The conference started with a bang - here Flavio Cannistra (Italy) talks with the 'father' of the Single Session Approach - Moshe Talmon.

To me the Single Session Approach just makes sense. Give your client what they want, when they need it, follow a few very basic rules, and that's it. Research and evidence from around the world shows that this approach is good enough for over 50% of people in just 1 session.

While SST can be used with almost any therapeutic modality, Solution Focused Brief Therapy fits very neatly within this model. I have been using this at my new job in Headspace where we are also finding that over 50% of clients are satisfied with the single session or "one at a time" model.

Keep your eyes open for an announcement from Left Turn where we will soon be opening up a new Brief Therapy Clinic, combining Solution Focused Brief Therapy with the Single Session model.

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