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Is 2022 the year of SFBT?

With increasing demands for services, and increasing waiting lists, comes an increasing interest in brief therapies like SFBT.

It seems like it was a perfect time to leave the public health system. My original plan was to work part-time for Headspace, but I have had so many requests to run Solution Focused workshops that my diary is now completely booked until Christmas and I have started booking in workshops for 2022. Several NGO's are making enquiries about implementing a brief therapy approach to their organisation, because their waiting lists are growing longer yet their budgets aren't.

It's no surprise that consumers don't want to be stuck on a waiting list for 6 months, they want brief targeted counselling & support at the time of referral. We are finding that over 50% of referrals are getting what they want when they need it, and hence do not need to go onto a waiting list for longer term support. Not only that, teams do not need a lot of extra resources to do this. If we do it right then we can avoid having to provide long term support, therefore freeing up significant staff time by not having to be bogged down with long programs and therapies.

It's also good for our clients. I think the team at Brief in the UK summed it up well when they said

"SFBT practitioners tend to believe that most clients have better ways to spend their time than talking to therapists"

Let's help people get back on their feet as soon as possible.

Please contact us for more information on SFBT training.

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