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Feedback from an ADF veteran

With a Royal Commission currently taking place, this feedback was from a Veteran who attended a recent Solution Focused workshop

As a veteran, I found the SFBT approach to be far more effective than anything else inside the current mental health system. Focusing on the right things in a more direct approach to empower self-healing gets far greater results than anything else I've experienced. David runs a fantastic workshop and it was a real privilege to take part. It's a great opportunity to develop an incredibly useful skillset that can be applied to many situations. I would highly recommend it to anyone at all, but especially those working with veterans or veterans themselves. I now feel I'm far better equipped with the tools I need to not only handle the difficult experiences in my past, but also to help others in overcoming theirs. James

As a veteran of the public mental health system I think I have a fair idea of what James is talking about (he gave me a very detailed history of his experience):

  • pathologising (and mis-diagnosis)

  • poly-pharmacy prescribing a long way outside of what may be prescribed in official guidelines

  • apportioning blame to the victim while avoiding any clinical, moral, or financial responsibility

  • complicated bureaucracy in an attempt to get the person to leave

  • disempowering

  • never once asking the person what they wanted

James very quickly learnt that the Solution Focused approach is the complete opposite:

  • non-pathologising & non-prescribing

  • person-centred

  • empowering

  • listening

  • finding out what the person wants, and helping them to get there

We invite you to share this blog with veterans (both veterans of the ADF, and veterans of the public mental health system) and give them hope and support to find a better way.

Please contact Left Turn if you want more information about Solution Focused training or clinical support.

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