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2018 Mental Health Nurse Achievement Award

The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses has given David the 2018 Award in recognition of his achievements as a mental health nurse.

The purpose of the Mental Health Nurse Achievement Award (MHNAA) is to publicly recognise the achievements of mental health nurses, encourage professional development amongst mental health nurses, and promote the importance of mental health nursing as a speciality. The MHNAA is awarded to a mental health nurse who is beginning to be recognised at a national/and or at an international level for their leadership as a clinician, manager, educator, or researcher, OR to a mental health nurse who has made a significant contribution to the profession at a national/and or international level in the area of leadership, clinical innovation, research and education and/or management.

For David, the award was given in recognition of the work he has done in the area of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, including his role as President of the Australasian Association for Solution Focused Brief Therapy. It is somewhat rare for a nurse to head a international psychotherapy organisation such as the AASFBT, and in doing so David has expanded the boundaries of mental health nursing.

The award was presented at the 44th International Mental Health Nursing Conference, held in Cairns from 24-26 October 2018. The ACMHN provided David with a registration, airfare and accommodation, and in addition, co-sponsors Curtin University (WA) have provided a cash prize of $1,000 and Wiley-Blackwell a book voucher for $500.

David was proud and humbled to be presented with the award in front of 350 of his peers at the award ceremony. During his acceptance speech David explained why he believes SFBT is the perfect fit for mental health nurses, being effective, efficient and perhaps the most person-centred approach to mental health care.

For photos of the event please click on these links:

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