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Who we are: We are experienced professionals who believe we will find the solution together

A Registered Nurse based in Adelaide, South Australia, and President of the Australasian Association for Solution Focused Brief Therapy. With 30 years in general and mental health nursing, including 18 years’ experience working in Emergency Departments, my experience helps me to think quickly and outside the square while always maintaining a cool calm head and persona, and a calming influence on those around me.

Who we work with: We help Organisations & individuals who want to do things better

We work with anyone who wants to find a better way of doing things, from large corporations, to small business, and individuals. You could be an executive, a manager, an employee, a team, a clinician, an athlete, or an individual who just wants something to be better. You don’t need an illness, you just need something that you want to change, but don’t know how to change it.

How we help: We use a proven method called Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Whether it’s an individual counselling session with someone suffering from an illness, an executive from a large corporation or a business team, the approach is still the same: work with the strengths rather than analyse and try to fix the problems. It’s an approach that works in both clinical and corporate environments.

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