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NOT the TheMHS Conference!

20 November 2018
NOT the TheMHS Conference!

I was happy to present at TheMHS 2018, but I am PROUD to be associated with TheMHS Revisited.

A BIG thank you to Matt and Stephanie (from the Humane Clinic) for inviting me to be a part of TheMHS Revisited. It's a 1 day mini-conference that showcases some of the local presentations from TheMHS 2018. It looks like a cracker-jack day, and only $50!

The Humane Clinic are also organising a bigger conference for Adelaide in April 2019 called Re-awaken Australia, but I am really sorry that I will be in New Zealand. I really love the work that Matt and Steph are doing in shifting the paradigms in mental health "treatment" from a medical model to a person-centred one. Their approach really makes a lot of sense, and I look forward to doing some work with Matt in the future. I would recommend their work/clinic/teaching/workshops to anyone. 

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