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Looking for an SFBT therapist?

While in NZ David has partnered with Sally Morley to provide Solution Focused Therapy in Adelaide.

In 2019 David will be spending much of the year in New Zealand with his family on a working holiday. While he is away, David still wants people in Adelaide to be able to access high quality Solution Focused Therapy.

David is happy to endorse Sally Morley as counsellor who provides Solution Focused Therapy in Adelaide. David and Sally have worked together on several projects including the South Australian SFBT Community of Practice, and have presented together at the AASFBT Conference (workshop on using SFBT with someone who is suicidal).

Please have a look at Sally's website Conversations for Change

If you live elsewhere in Australia or New Zealand, the AASFBT has just created a page on their website listing members who provide therapy or supervision. The list is currently only small as it is new, but it will grow through the year as people renew their AASFBT membership. You can access the list here

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