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What will Left Turn do?

We will work in a collaborative relationship with you, using techniques from solution focused brief therapy and other skills learnt from general and mental health nursing to help you to see where you want to go and how you are going to get there. We work on solution-building rather than problem finding.

We will help you to find simple solutions to what may be complex problems. The solutions that we find will be your solutions, and not what I think you should do. That is, I won’t be there to tell you how to do things, but together we will find a better way.

Our service aims to be time efficient and cost effective. We will keep our services brief, so that after 1 to 3 sessions you will feel that you don’t need me anymore. I want to make myself obsolete – only as many sessions as you need and not one more! However, I would be happy to come back again in the future if you need me to help with other solutions. We will tailor our programs to suit your needs.


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